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Hungry for More

women’s getaway weekend

January 24th-26th

Do you feel like you are sleep walking through life with little joy or zest? Do you search for but never find lasting contentment? Does it seem like you’ll never discover God’s purpose for your life? Are you longing for more – more peace, more meaning more joy, more whatever it is that will truly satisfy your soul?

If so, please join us for a weekend getaway that will nourish your soul and satisfy your spiritual hunger!

The weekend will include 2 nights in a beautiful lakeside home, nutritious meals (that you won’t have to cook!), Biblical centered teaching, and fellowship with a small group of women who, like you, are hungry for more.

$140/person – includes lodging, meals, and activities. Register below. Space is limited. Registration closes January 17th.

Because of limited space and the nature of the getaway, no kiddos.

Feel free to invite your friends!

Need more info? Email or call Melanie Deegan @ 218-760-0639

Weekend Schedule & Activities

In Progress – but will include coaching w/ Tina Peterson and Splankna Therapy w/ Kate Tande!


Registration –


Payment can be made by using the PayPal link below, or by mailing a check made payable to to Glory Oaks, 4417 Buxton Road, Hackensack, MN 56452. (Payment by mail must be received within 7 days of registering.)


Registration – ends January 17th